Message to the Count: This town’s big enough for both of us!

Nestled in the picturesque foothills of Transylvania (not far from the castle of the most famous resident Transylvanian), can be found the European production facilities of Only Fruit Bar. (Incidentally – and we promise this will be our last intended pun – we haven’t seen our centuries-old neighbour hanging around in quite a while.)

The company was started by a group of European friends who share the same philosophy on fitness and healthy lifestyle – but mainly because they were looking for a darn good-tasting health bar, one without all the additives and preservatives and cardboard-like taste. When their search came up empty, they decided to make one for themselves.

So they hooked up with some of their other friends in the food science and nutrition business. Long story short, they assembled a team of internationally renowned nutritionists who developed original patented recipes – using ingredients from local Transylvanian fruit farms in the process – to create authentically 100% natural health and energy bars that were so fantastically healthy and deliciously satisfying that they couldn’t keep it to themselves (although it took some convincing for at least one of the pals who is not good at sharing).

Established in 2010, Only Fruit Bar produces its health and energy bars in small batches in the kitchens of their production facilities for quality control, so taste and texture remains consistent in every bite of every bar. Until now, Only Fruit Bar was available only to the European market. But the company is expanding to distribution and sale in the United States, starting with the New York City metropolitan region market, in January of 2014.

All of Only Fruit Bar health and energy bars are 100% natural, made with fresh berries (cranberries, blackcurrants, blueberries), nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), dried plums, oats, cinnamon and other spices. You won’t find any additives, sweeteners, trans fats, cholesterol or preservatives in Only Fruit Bar products. This is what differentiates Only Fruit Bar from others in the market.

The Only Fruit Bar product line includes Almond, Hazelnut and Walnut. All three are perfect for between-meal snacks, a snack on the run, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. The line also includes Only Fruit Power Bar – great for refuelling after a training session because of its high content of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins – and Only Fruit Bar for Kids, ideal for a lunch box snack, between-meals snack, or an on-the-run snack in the car on the drive to soccer practice or the supermarket.

While Only Fruit Bar is busy establishing relationships to sell their products in major retail chains and speciality retail shops, all products can be purchased on our Web Site. You purchase is just a click away!

Steeped in our European tradition and high quality – we get our ingredients from the most trusted sources, including fruit farms in Transylvania – we think you will love the simplicity of the ingredients and great taste of Only Fruit Bar. But we admit, we’re partial. Guess you’ll just have to try one, or three, or a dozen for yourself! Stay healthy, be fruitful!