Case of 24 Only Fruit Bar for Kids


INGREDIENTS: prunes 35,5%, blackcurrants 13%, cranberries 12%, brown raisins10%, hazelnuts 10%, oat flakes 8%, flaxseed 5%, walnuts 3%, almonds 3%, Bourbon vanilla pods 0,5%

Net wt: 1.06 oz, Calories 107

Case contains 24 bars

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Only Fruit Bar for Kids

We figured that kids would love Only Fruit Bar as much as adults – and we were right! Parents love it, too, because Only Fruit Bar for Kids is definitely a smart, healthy alternative to the high-sugar, high-fat, empty calorie snacks that kids typically consume during the course of a day.
When it comes to our kids, good nutrition and balance in their diet is important. Getting them to make healthy choices when it comes to snacking is always a challenge. That’s why our team of nutritionists developed Only Fruit Bar for Kids with the same all-natural ingredients of fruits, nuts, dried plums, oats and spices found in our other health bars. And young people agree: Only Fruit Bar for Kids tastes awesome! (Psssst… don’t tell them, but every time they have Only Fruit Bar for Kids, they’re getting a serving of what’s good for their health.)
The really cool packaging is so easy to open, even a kid can do it without any help from mom – making it ideal for an on-the-run snack in the car on the drive to soccer practice or the supermarket. Instead of cookies and candy, Only Fruit Bar for Kids is a perfect alternative for a lunchbox snack. It’s also a sensible between-meals-snack that won’t spoil a kid’s appetite. Kids know what’s good for them, and they know Only Fruit Bar for Kids is a smart snack. Stay healthy, be fruitful.


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